Install Accounts

From the downloaded 1.3Mb ‘SetupAcc.exe’…
Just clik on the downloaded file’s ‘Open’ shortcut, or, with Windows Explorer, locate the ‘SetupAcc.exe’ file you just downloaded with and doubleclick this file.

The install program will now be launched, and its first screen enables you to select a convenient language for the install process. The default language is your Windows’ language. Having selected (or accepted) the language, please read carefully the information provided on each new pageas you enter the requested data and proceed by clicking the ‘Next’ button or simply press the <enter> key..  If you have already received the license file, remember to check the ‘Copy License file’ box and browse to find it when the Open File dialog appears.

Now proceed to the Running BushSoft Accounts for the First Time page.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If for some reason the installer’s last page’s message is something like: ‘This software has not been properly installed and…’ the problem is almost always due to bad diskettes or an aborted Internet download. Please try to copy SetupAcc.exe to a set of NEW diskettes and/or download the file from a second time.

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