Adapted for projects in developing countries.  

Current version is 1.8.1 (Please check yours in Help/About menu item)

For your first-time installation OR normal version updates, please go to the full install download page.

If you are an experienced computer user, or just need to update single applications (on demand from BushSoft), please go to the single file download page.

An English User manual can be found here.

Installation manuals English and French

Important: The downloadable BushSoft Accounting applications require a valid license file to run. You may get additional info and order a license from here.


  • Fixed rounding problem in voucher form
  • Fixed some glitches in special currencies handling
  • Auto correct current year in options table
  • Modified status report ‘Liabilities’ to ‘Debts’ and main level ‘Subtotals’ to ‘Totals’ 
  • Extended backup restore error checking for Vista and newer
  • Extended exhange rate input
  • Added signable singlevoucher report for stapling to voucher


  • Some windows resizing issues with Windows Vista.  Will be fixed in the next subversion.


  • Fixed wrong sorting in deb. / cred accounts groups
  • Made sure that the report preview window is correctly closed.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug when transferring Accounts Payables’ groups to next year.
  • Columns in Balance Report were too narrow for displaying billions with two decimals.  Reduced marging to achieve this

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